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Personal Coaching

Optimise your training to get the most out of the time you have and be supported every step on the way. 

How does it work?

Getting Started

First, we'll get to know each other. You get a comprehensive background questionnaire before our first coaching call where you will get all your questions answered and we will go through all the important things to get started. 

Our approach

You might have other priorities in your life besides training, right? Combining those priorities with triathlon training is not always easy, but we have a lot of experience and knowledge on how to make it work.


Wellbeing is the basis for development, performance and success. Therefore, we will not only consider your physical training, but also take into consideration your mental energy, recovery, nutrition and general health.



Coaching is not only a training plan, it is a relationship. That is why communication both ways is the key for successful outcomes. You will be encouraged to communicate as much as possible with your coach so that she is able to make informed decisions.


We use an online coaching platform to deliver your training plan, not only so that your program is conveniently accessible to you at all times, but also to make the communication around your daily training as effective and easy as possible.

Embrace Change

Planning is important but so is the right attitude and readiness to be able to adapt for change. Things rarely go exactly as we plan and that is why we embrace change and encourage our athletes to do the same.

Coaching includes daily monitoring of your training and adjustments are made when needed. We also consider that you will not be the same person six months from now. Your training is planned considering your current unique situation.


We are always looking to learn and develop. However, our expertise is in triathlon and therefore we collaborate with experts in other fields such as nutrition and physiotherapy to provide you great recommendations where needed.


We recommend professionals that have the knowledge and experience needed to understand triathlon training and its demands. 

Who is our Personal Coaching for?

Age Group Athletes of all levels.

   You don't have to be the top of your age group to want to get coaching. You do want to have the basics of how to swim bike and run. If you are an absolute beginner, check out our programs for beginners.

Athletes around the world. 

   The online technology is making it possible to provide high quality coaching to anywhere in the world.


Motivated athletes.  

   Consistency is the most important part in athletes development. Coach will support you and guide you, but you need to have the motivation to be disciplined and wanting to put in the work.


$59 / week (AUD)

Fully personalised training planning and adjustments

Daily monitoring of your training

Open communication without limitations

Scheduled Biweekly Coaching Call (or as often as needed)

WMNS TRI Membership (access to the wide resource bank and WMNS TRI community)

Professional Coaching from experienced WMNS TRI Coach


Have Fun with Training!

We want you to have fun! We want you to be excited about training and have fun with the process of building fitness and developing as an athlete. You will spend most of the time training, whereas the races are short moments to celebrate how far you've come. The journey is the destination.

Contact Us to Get Started

Thanks for your message! We will come back to you soon.

Contact Us
  • Do I need to commit for the whole program?
    In principle you do need to commit for the whole program, as we only take limited numbers to the Coaching Groups. However, we understand that unexpected things happen or if you are not satisfied with the program you can cancel. The cancellation can be made after the first month (4 full calendar weeks) at any time with the notice period of 2 full calendar weeks.
  • How is the payment done?
    The payment is done with a credit card. You can decide to set up a weekly or a monthly automatic payment. When you are being offered a place in the Coaching Group you have applied for, you will be provided all payment details and the payment link. Bank transfer option is offered if separately asked for.
  • How is Group Coaching different from Personal Coaching?
    Group Coaching is based on the same goal event that everyone in the group has. The basis for the training program for the group is similar, however it is adjusted for every team members fitness level. Biweekly coaching sessions are with the whole group. Your coach will follow your training progress, and adjust your training accordingly for the next two week period. Daily adjustments are not made by your coach, but you will be given advice on how to make right decisions if needed. Personal coaching is fully individualised coaching and the coach will be doing adjustments in daily basis. So which is better? It depends what you want and prefer. The group element will definitely give you a lot and provide you many new friendships and connections. Personal coaching is a better option if you need a lot of adjustments and you are looking to perform in higher level.
  • Can I pay in other currency than AUD?
    Yes, you can. The fees are fixed in AUD but the current exhange rate will be used when you make the payment with your credit card.
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