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Get Fit with Tri!

Fit with Tri -program is here to help you make training part of your life to keep you healthy, fit and happy.



Who is Fit with Tri -program for?

All women who want to get fit with swim, bike and run training!

   Fit with Tri -program is for you who wants to do swim, bike and run training and get fit. You have a weekly program that will provide balance and variety. This program is not performance focused for a specific event, however you will get fit for triathlons.

Women around the world. 

   You can sign up for the program anywhere in the world. Everything is online, so you can access the program from anywhere.


Anyone can join!  

   You don't have to be fit to start, but you do need to start to get fit! Also, you do not have to have expensive equipment to start training. You can do the bike sessions with any bike you have available whether that is a stationary bike at your gym or maybe you have a cruiser you commute with. If you don't have access to a pool some weeks, you can do a dry land workout instead. It is all about showing up and doing the best with what you got.



$20 / week (AUD)

Weekly training program including swim, bike, run, strength and conditioning sessions


Practical resources to support your journey including fuelling plans, weekly planner, goal setting template etc.


Session library and calendar where you can find all your favourite sessions from previous weeks and more

WMNS TRI community where you can share your journey with other women in triathlon

Tips and support from the WMNS TRI Coaches

  • Do I need to commit for the whole program?
    In principle you do need to commit for the whole program, as we only take limited numbers to the Coaching Groups. However, we understand that unexpected things happen or if you are not satisfied with the program you can cancel. The cancellation can be made after the first month (4 full calendar weeks) at any time with the notice period of 2 full calendar weeks.
  • How is the payment done?
    The payment is done with a credit card. You can decide to set up a weekly or a monthly automatic payment. When you are being offered a place in the Coaching Group you have applied for, you will be provided all payment details and the payment link. Bank transfer option is offered if separately asked for.
  • How is Group Coaching different from Personal Coaching?
    Group Coaching is based on the same goal event that everyone in the group has. The basis for the training program for the group is similar, however it is adjusted for every team members fitness level. Biweekly coaching sessions are with the whole group. Your coach will follow your training progress, and adjust your training accordingly for the next two week period. Daily adjustments are not made by your coach, but you will be given advice on how to make right decisions if needed. Personal coaching is fully individualised coaching and the coach will be doing adjustments in daily basis. So which is better? It depends what you want and prefer. The group element will definitely give you a lot and provide you many new friendships and connections. Personal coaching is a better option if you need a lot of adjustments and you are looking to perform in higher level.
  • Can I pay in other currency than AUD?
    Yes, you can. The fees are fixed in AUD but the current exhange rate will be used when you make the payment with your credit card.
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