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About Us

The Journey Is The Destination

WMNS TRI's journey has started and we welcome you to join us

for all that is to come.

Our Why

We want to make triathlon accessible sport for all women by transforming the barriers to participation into frontiers. Time, cost and culture have been found to be the biggest challenges that women face when they embark to their journeys with triathlon.

WMNS TRI creates triathlon services and products specifically for women. Our main focus is in continues learning, wellbeing, enjoyment and respect for every individuals goals. We celebrate all achievements equally.


And hey, you don't need to be fit to start triathlon. You will get fit with triathlon.

Dream big. Start small. Act now.

Meet Me

Certified Coach Badge.jpg

Hi there,

I’m Päivi, a triathlon coach and a wellbeing advocate with twenty years’ working experience in the sport and fitness industry. I’ve worked as a Triathlon Coach for 7 years, a Personal Trainer specialising in postural alignment corrections for 12 years, Group Fitness Instructor for 20 years and Running Coach for 14 years.  


I come from Finland, the home of Sisu, the extraordinary determination, courage, and resoluteness in the face of adversity. Sisu has helped me to fulfil my dreams of finishing several IRONMANs, being an entrepreneur and to build my life on the other side of the world, in Australia.

I started triathlon about 12 years ago and I absolutely fell in love with the sport! It is incredible to think about all the amazing experiences that I have been fortunate to have through triathlon. I have travelled around the world for training and racing seeing amazing places, met so many incredible people and made long-lasting friendships. After five full distance finishes, 16 half distance races, 15 marathons and tens and tens of other endurance events, it is not the medals that I cherish the most, it is all those amazing memories I have collected on the way. Now my passion is to help others to find fulfilment, happiness and wellbeing through triathlon.

As a coach my main goal is to help my athletes to achieve their goals while experiencing positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement, the key components of happiness, through sport. To me it is not only important to achieve your goals, but also that you enjoy the journey.


I encourage you to dream big, start small and take action now.

Development Coach TA Badge.png



2023    Development Coach, Triathlon Australia

2020    Foundation Coach, Triathlon Australia

2019    Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching (800h)

2016    IRONMAN Certified Coach

2012    FUSTRA -Personal Trainer

2008    Trainer Lab Personal Trainer

2007    Pilates Teacher

2006    Spinning instructor

2002    Basic Course in Physical Education (Sport Institute of Varala) 

            Swimming Teacher and Lifeguard

            Gym Instructor 

            Group Fitness Instructor

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