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We are here to connect, support and empower women in triathlon.

WMNS Tri's mission is to make triathlon more accessible sport for every woman. We offer coaching services and training programs, support women coaches and offer a space where women feel welcomed and supported to pursue their goals, what ever they may be.




An online program to meet the needs of women who want to get fit with triathlon. We want to tackle the most common barriers (time, cost and culture) to triathlon training for women and transform those into frontiers. This is what's coming:

Weekly training program including swim, bike, run, strength and conditioning sessions


Practical resources to support your journey including fuelling plans, weekly planner, goal setting template etc.


Session library where you can find all your favourite sessions from previous weeks

WMNS TRI community where you can share your journey with other women in triathlon

Tips and support from the WMNS TRI Coaches

Read more from here >>


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Take your performance to the next level.


Personal coaching is for you when you are looking to perform to your best and reach your maximum potential.


You create a close relationship with your coach who will monitor, support and adjust your training in daily basis specifically for you. We focus on holistic coaching where your wellbeing is the most important thing in becoming a better version of yourself. It is all about your journey.


Read more about Personal Coaching here >>


Group coaching is for you when you want to share your journey to the next event with other WMNS TRI athletes and want to get a specific training program to your goal event.


Choose an event that we offer a Coaching Group or contact us with your group to start the journey.


Read more about Group Coaching here >>



Improve your technique, strength, speed and endurance to enjoy your time in the water

Are you looking to improve your swim technique?

One of the best ways to improve your technique is to see how you swim and know exactly what and how to improve your technique.

More info coming soon.



Get stronger, faster and more comfortable on your bike.

Train when you want and where you want - WMNS TRI Bike-programs coming soon.

WMNS TRI Programs will include a lot of different kind of bike sessions for you to choose from. Hop on a  stationary bike and follow the video or read the instructions before you head out to the road.

Coming soon


Specific run training to improve your endurance, speed and ability to run off from the bike. And most importantly stay injury free.

Train when you want and where you want - WMNS TRI Run-programs

WMNS TRI Programs will include a lot of different type of running sessions.

Coming soon



Become more resilient and stronger athlete with strength and conditioning.

Do you need a Strength and Conditioning program?

We have a strong experience from strength and conditioning for triathletes. Get yourself a personal S&C program to meet your needs to make you a stronger athlete. Contact us here >>

Sessions that you can fit in to your schedule where and when ever - WMNS TRI Strength & Conditioning programs coming soon.

Great variety of strength and conditioning programs. Choose from short specifically targeted sessions to whole body workouts.

Coming soon

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